We Share The Commission with YOU!  It's that simple

Save THOUSANDS of Dollars on your home purchase!

You find it


Contact us with a home you want to make an offer on and we handle the rest.  

We Negotiate


We submit your offer, negotiate and manage the paperwork.  

We pay You


As your real estate agent, we refund you 50% of our commission at Closing.


Florida Home Buyer
Commission Rebate Program


Independent surveys state that over 95% of buyers search the Internet to find a home.  

Virtually no one surveyed said their agent found them a home that they had not seen on the Internet or by driving around.  

If you are one of the over 95% of the buyers out there doing their own homework, we figure why not pay you for your efforts so that you save money on your transaction closing costs. 

Our commission rebates save buyers thousands of dollars, thereby making buying their home LESS EXPENSIVE

Is this Legal?


Yes, real estate law in Florida says that a broker can give a broker incentive to any buyer as long as the proper disclosures are used.

“The sharing of brokerage compensation by a licensee with a party to the real estate transaction with full disclosure to all interested parties is not considered a violation of Chapter 475, Part I, Florida Statutes.”

How Does this Work?


Our clients are savvy home buyers.  

They’re involved in their search and know what they want.  They don’t need an agent to look on the Internet for new listings. 

There are plenty of online tools they can use for that.  They don’t need an agent to drive them all over town every weekend.  And, they certainly don’t want to pay a full commission just to close the deal.  Buyers want someone who is on their side and who is hired to represent their interests.

That's where we come in.  We rebate you up to 50% of the real estate commission paid by the Seller to us back to you at closing. 

For example:  Based on a customary 3% Commission paid by Seller to Buyer's agent, if your Purchase Price is $500,000, you get $7,500.  It's that simple.

Use that money to cover some of your closing costs, home improvements, or's up to you. 

The Buyer Rebate FAQ

You're doing half the work, why not get half of the commission?


When you buy a home, the property seller will pay your buyer agent a pre-determined commission (typically 2-3% of your purchase price). We empower home buyers with all the tools needed to find a home, so we rebate 50% of the buyer agent commission back to the buyer at Closing for coming directly to us with an offer. 

How do I submit an offer?


If you already have a home you would like to purchase and don't have agent representation, we can strategically submit your offer, negotiate and manage the paperwork. 

Just give us a call to start the offer process (305) 859-3319.

Our experienced local agents are 100% focused on getting your offer to closing. Our agents are Local Experts and are dedicated to your home purchase! 

When do I get my Buyer Commission Rebate?


Most people opt to have the Buyer Commission Rebate paid as a credit to their escrow account at Closing. This means as a buyer, you don't have to spend as much money out of pocket for a down payment and closing costs! 

For buyers that prefer to receive Cash Back at Closing, we can also accommodate and get you paid at Closing!  It's your choice.

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Commission Rebate Program for Florida Home Buyers

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